Amsterdam Fintech Week 23

12.09.2023 - 15.09.2023
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What is Amsterdam FinTech Week

Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW), initiated by Holland Fintech, is a community-driven event fostering fintech connections locally and globally.

Open to all interested in financial innovation and technology, XFW unites startups, investors, regulators, bankers, insurers, tech firms, universities, and more for candid discussions and collaboration.

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A week full of events, with plenty of opportunities to connect, learn and innovate in the Amsterdam Fintech community, coming again in the fall of 2024!

Amsterdam fintech week Agenda 2023


Time: 9h
Length: 1h
Kicking off the week with an overview of main topics and sessions, with speakers from the Holland Fintech board, XFW advisory board and sponsors.
Host: Holland Fintech
ID meeting : 865 7662 2221
Password : 537964
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Type of Session: Presentation of program and panel
Speakers: Don Ginsel, Conny Dorrestijn, Christo Christodoulou, Mike Brennan
Tag: #program #panel


Time: 8h30
Length: 1h45
8:30 -9:00 – Welcome 9:00-9:15 – Opening & Intro
9:15 – 10:00 – Panel discussion
10:00 – 10:15 – Summary and Wrap-up

Alright, let’s dive deep into the world of digital transformation through some epic teamwork! Picture this: incumbents and Fintechs on a quest for awesome collaborations and partnerships. But wait, how do the big shots pick the perfect Fintech sidekicks? Should a Fintech buddy up with every incumbent? And what’s the secret sauce for a collaboration that rocks? Our Fintech heroes, what should they keep in mind for this grand adventure? Let’s unravel these questions and have some fun!

Host: Accenture
Type of Session: Panel
Speakers: Marcel Prins, Farhad Amiri, Joost van Bruggen, Muraleedhar Pai, Esther Groen, Kim Kim Oon
Tag: #digital #transformation

Time: 11h30
Length: 1h30
During an interactive lunch presentation, specialists Roderik and Nynke will talk you through the ins and outs of the Digital Operational Resilience Act and its impact on the governance of regulated entities.

They will highlight DORA’s position in the broader context of European strategy and legislation on cybersecurity and digitalization, the changing role and responsibilities of the board and how this affects the place of cybersecurity in terms of governance and risk management.
Host: Stibbe
Type of Session: Panel
Speakers: Roderik Vrolijk, Nynke Brouwer
Tag: #DORA #valuechain

Time: 13h
Length: 30M

Tune in for the conversation among experts: Dr. Jochen Papenbrock – Head of Financial Technology at Nvidia, Dr. Robin Kiera – Founder and CEO of Digitalscouting and Dr. Andras Rung – Founder, CEO and UX Strategist from Ergomania.
Kiera with his practice of digital transformation and the social domain will guide the conversation. Papenbrock will share with you the opportunities and challenges posed by AI/GenAI/Data in FSI and how to overcome them. Meanwhile, Rung will further enrich the conversation by sharing his view from the UX perspective and how to involve the end users in development and how to embed explainable AI.

Type of Session: Panel
Speakers: Nvidia, Digital Scouting and Ergomania
Tag: #AI 

Time: 14h
Length: 2h
In this session, co-hosted by BDO and NCC Group Software Resilience, we will take a look into the risks which are influencing legislation within the financial services markets currently.

Kees Plas from BDO will explore the cybersecurity considerations for Fintechs, whilst Wayne Scott from NCC Group’s escrow division will focus on the importance of confronting non-cyber risks to ensure legislative compliance.

We will then look to the future as we explore how new technologies such as AI are creating opportunities as well as a whole new set of regulation challenges with guest speaker Menno Weij.

Host: NCC Group Software Resilience + BDO
Type of Session: Panel
Speakers: Kees Plas, Menno Weij
Tag: #DORA

Time: 16h
Length: 1h
Description: Networking Drinks
Host: NCC Group + BDO
Type of Session: Networking Drinks
Tag: #networking


Time: 10h
Length: 1h
Description:Landing Fintech in NL

Host: Amsterdam in Business
Type of Session: Presentation.  
Speakers: Daisy Tjin A Lien, Elmar Bouma
Tag: #Fintech

Time: 11h
Length: 2h
2023 was definitely the year of generative AI, bringing new hope to all kinds of AI related initiatives (for example ‘AI’ was the only category of startups this year who still managed to raise significant new funds.).

So what does this mean for you? Will your product be threatened? Can you embrace AI to get ahead? Is it time to move, or time to wait? What is the real status of AI, beyond the hype. Who is doing what? What are we learning? What is real and what is pure marketing? How are we dealing with the major issues around AI? Bias, transparency, IP, public opinion, etc?

What are our expectations for the near future? How will this evolve? What should be our sense of urgency?
Host: Levi9
Type of Session: Round-table and workshop.  
Speakers: Erik van Ommeren
Tag: #AI #Fintech

Time: 13h
Length: 2h
Description: Impact Fintech
Host: Holland Fintech
Type of Session: Presentation
Speakers: Lukas Jakubonis, Evgenia Loginova, Chris van Dongen 
Tag: #Fintech

Time: 16h30
Length: 1H30

Unveiling the Future of Finance: Join Innopay and Maxcode at Amsterdam Fintech Week Get ready for an insightful community session that promises to shape your understanding of the evolving fintech landscape. Innopay and Maxcode are joining forces to host a dynamic session about “Open and Embedded Finance” on Thursday, September 14th, from 15:30 to 17:00. The venue is the WTC at the Zuidas, the heart of Amsterdam’s financial district, setting the perfect backdrop for an engaging discussion.

Host: Innopay & Maxcode
Type of Session: Presentation, Panel
Speakers: Eugerta Muçi, Adrian Marinică, Ruben van den Goorbergh
Tag: #Open Finance

Time: 18h
Length: 2h
Description: Networking Drinks
Host: Maxcode & Innopay
Type of Session: Networking Drinks
Tag: #networking


Time: 9h
Length: 1h30
Description: Private session. Are you a startup and would like to pitch investors? Fill out this form! Please write to if an investor and would like to attend.
Host: De Roos
Type of Session: Breakfast + Pitch
Speakers: TBA
Tag: #pitch #investors #startups

Time: 13h
Length: 1h30
During the session we will showcase how Mastercard, a payment technology company, addresses emerging consumer needs by leveraging on its data and network by providing insights on how the Dutch pay, what does data tell us around the emerging trends and how some of our network companies keep up with this change.
How do Dutch pay? What are some emerging trends based on the changing consumer behaviors?(Will be presented by Mastercard Country manager)
Roundtable: How do fin-techs in the market serve consumers’ changing needs by innovating? (Elena Martinez (Mastercard Head of Western Europe Fintech) will facilitate. Speakers: Frank Waanders (Knab), Andy Patton (Enfuce), Sanneke Mulderink (Tranzer)) Ekata (Raul Singh)
Drinks & Networking
Host: Mastercard
Type of Session: Panel
Speakers: Jan-Willem van der Schoot
Tag: #payments
Time: 15h30
Length: 3h
15:30 Walk in
16:00 Kick off by Holland Fintech (Connie & Don Ginsel)
16:25 company name (David Birch) & MasterCard (Christian Rau) on Crypto and CBDC
16:50 Pubquiz Kahoot (Don Ginsel)
17:05 Winning Pitch (From startup matchmaking session in the morning)
17:15 Invest Hong Kong by Paula
17:25 Conny & Johnny re VC focus
17:40 Words from our sponsors + Panel with our sponsors (Don Ginsel)
18:00 Drinks

Host: Holland Fintech 
Type of Session: Round-table and workshop.  
Speakers: David Birch, Evgenia Loginova, Christian Rau, Vivien Cheung, Carla Poortman, Invest HK, Airwallex, Payhawk, NCC Group
Tag: #meetup #fintech

Time: 17h
Length: 3h
Description: Networking Drinks
Host: Holland Fintech 
Type of Session: Networking Drinks
Tag: #networking

Sponsors of 2023

About Airwallex

Empowering modern businesses to grow beyond borders.

The world as we know it is no longer the same. Changes now occur in days and months, not years. The digital revolution is here, and Airwallex is at the centre, facilitating the transformation of businesses from offline to online, from local to global.
Airwallex was built with a single purpose in mind – to create a world where all businesses can operate without borders and restrictions, and by doing so, propel the growth of the global digital economy.


About Payhawk

Payhawk is the leading spend management solution for domestic and international businesses throughout Europe, the US, and the UK. Combining company cards, reimbursable expenses, accounts payable, and seamless accounting software integrations into a single product, Payhawk makes business payments easy — for everyone.


About Invest in HK

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government Department responsible for Foreign Direct Investment.  InvestHK’s vision is to strengthen Hong Kong’s status as the leading international business location in Asia. Our mission is to attract and retain foreign direct investment which is of strategic importance to the economic development of Hong Kong. In all our services, we apply the following core values: passion, integrity, professionalism, customer service, business friendliness, responsiveness, collaboration and innovation.


About NCC Group Software Resilience

With over 40 years’ experience, NCC Group is a world-leading Software Resilience provider ensuring the continued availability of outsourced business-critical software and data through our Escrow and Verification services. Our Software Resilience services enable businesses to easily prepare for, respond to and recover from disruption to third-party services, strengthening operational resilience and satisfying business continuity planning, regulatory compliance, and supply chain risk management requirements.


Speakers of 2023

Don Ginsel is a visionary leader, fintech enthusiast, and strategic consultant with a comprehensive background in financial innovation, AI application, and venture capital. Over the course of his multifaceted career, Don has been at the forefront of driving transformative changes in the fintech space, advocating for an ecosystem approach to financial innovations that focuses on inclusivity and the power of technology to benefit both businesses and individuals.


Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 16.17.19

Don Ginsel

CEO & Board Member

Holland Fintech

Chris van Dongen has a background in Change Management and also worked in this field at the beginning of his career, including as a professional trainer. It was in 2015 that he opted for the commercial path, when he started working in Copenhagen at the then relatively unknown Trustpilot. In the years that followed, he took steps as a commercial leader and conquered the Benelux with Trustpilot. After Trustpilot went public in 2020, he opened their new office in Amsterdam and after an intermediate step at edtech scale-up Lepaya, he is now leading Payhawk's commercial team in Amsterdam.



Chris van Dongen

Commercial Director Benelux


Wayne manages NCC Group’s relationships with the global Financial Services regulators and has experience in software escrow, cyber security, and big data. As Regulatory Compliance Solutions Lead, Wayne co-writes NCC Group’s consultation paper responses relating to third party risk management, supply chain risk and operational resilience whilst ensuring all NCC Group products meet global regulatory requirements. Wayne advises systemic Financial Institutions and their critical suppliers on how to build ‘demonstratably successful stressed exit plans’. In his work with the Financial Services regulators, Wayne has directly contributed to recent regulations on operational resilience on a global scale.


Wayne Scott Headshot

Wayne Scott

Regulatory Compliance Solutions Lead

NCC Group

Ruben, a dynamic and forward-thinking consultant at INNOPAY, is at the forefront of revolutionising the digital landscape through his expertise in data sharing and digital ecosystems. With a passion for innovation, Ruben has been instrumental in shaping the future of the financial industry.

In recent months, Ruben's engaging and insightful presentations have captivated audiences as he delved deep into the intricacies of the Framework for Financial Data Access (FIDA). His ability to demystify complex concepts and highlight the real-world implications of FIDA has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the field.


Ruben van den Goorbergh (1)

Ruben van den Goorbergh

Management Consultant


Adrian Marinică is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Maxcode. In this role, he is accountable for the company's strategy, development, and delivery of complex software to fintech partners. Adrian is a proven leader with years of experience in managing diverse product strategies, and in working closely with partners to drive software innovation.


adrian marinica

Adrian Marinică



Eugerta is a full-time PhD Candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam after having completed the Double Degree Master of Laws at KU Leuven and University of Zürich (summa cum laude). Her research focuses on Open Finance in the European Union. Since June 2023 Eugerta has engaged as an intern at INNOPAY where together with a team of experts she has analysed the EU proposal for an Open Finance framework (FIDA) and identified opportunities and challenges for the various actors of the financial industry. Eugerta has also co-authored an article in April 2023, “Open Finance in Europe: What is coming and why does it matter?” in the Journal of Financial Transformation.



Eugerta Muçi

PhD Candidate on Open Finance

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erik van Ommeren is an experienced innovator, a former Senior Gartner Analyst and author of several technology and strategy books. He has been passionate about AI since the 90ies. He has spent much of his career working for Capgemini – Sogeti, both in the Netherlands as well as in the United States. Now he’s working with Levi9 as Director of Innovation and Portfolio, to help them make a significant impact on the world through technology.


Erik van Ommeren

Erik van Ommeren

Director of Portfolio and Innovation


Nynke has been a lawyer since 2011, specializes in cyber security, data protection, incident response, and cyber insurance. She advised financial institutions like insurers and brokers, as well as public authorities and healthcare institutions. In 2021,  Nynke received her PhD from Radboud University for her dissertation on cyber insurance. She remains a research fellow at the Radboud Business Law Institute. Also in 2021, she earned the Legal Woman of the Year title. Simultaneously, Nynke chairs the Technical Committee Cyber at the Dutch Insurance Exchange Association. She also contributes through extensive research and speaking engagements at national and international conferences, as well as lecturing in post-academic courses


Brouwer, Nynke

Nynke Brouwer

Senior Associate, head of TMT/IP


Roderik is a financial regulatory specialist with over 13 years of experience. He guides clients through banking, insurance, and securities regulations, ensuring the success of their strategic regulatory projects. Specifically, Roderik specializes in fintech, building on extensive knowledge of  cross-border financial institution restructurings, and launching licensed businesses and branch offices. Roderik's interactions with supervisory authorities cover both contentious and non-contentious matters. Roderik shares his expertise by lecturing, including at the Grotius Academy and the University of Amsterdam, and contributes to the field through publications and memberships in relevant professional associations.


Vrolijk, Roderik

Roderik Vrolijk

Lawyer - Partner | Financial Regulation


Kees has years of experience in technology implementations, Cloud services, Managed Cyber and Security and Risk issues across a broad client segment. Kees has a background with international technology companies such as BT, Verizon, Terremark, and Deloitte on SME and Corporate Clients. His focus from both strategic, tactical and operational levels is mainly on profit organisations.



Kees Plas


BDO Nederland

Menno Weij studied Dutch Law (civil and criminal law) at Leiden University. He then worked as a "Tech lawyer" for over 20 years. Since December 2018, Menno has been working as Legal Counsel at BDO Legal, within the "Tech & Privacy Law" team. Menno assists organizations and companies in the field of information technology, intellectual property, privacy and e-Commerce. In 2001, Menno successfully completed the postgraduate course in ICT law at the Grotius Academy. In addition to BDO, Menno is a board member of the NVVIR and an editor at the Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht. Menno is also co-founder of IncPlus and of VraagHugo. Menno is a supervisory board member of the Security of Things Fund. Menno is a member of the supervisory board of Stichting SOMI, which filed a class action in the Netherlands



Menno Weij

Partner Tech & Privacy Law

BDO Nederland

Jan Willem

Jan-Willem van der Schoot

Country Manager

Mastercard The Netherlands


Conny Dorrestijn

Trusted Advisor, Board Member and Mentor

David Birch

International Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Global Advisor and Investor in Digital Financial Services

Christian Rau

Senior Vice President Crypto and Fintech Enablement Europe



Marcel Prins




Farhad Amiri

Business Strategy & Transformation



Evgenia Loginova

Co-founder and CEO

Radar Payments

Christo Christodoulou_Airwallex

Christo Christodoulou

Head of Strategic Partnerships, EMEA



Mike Brennan


Finch Capital


Muraleedhar Pai

Executive Director

Maveric Systems Limited


Joost van Bruggen

Principal Consultant



Esther Groen

Member of The Supervisory Board



Kim Kim Oon

Managing Director



Elmar Bouma

Senior Project Manager Energy and Finance



Daisy Tjin A Lien

International Business Advisor Finance

The Hague Business Agency


Lukas Jakubonis

Chief Business Development Officer

Bank of Lithuania


Vivien  Cheung

Head of Financial Partnerships, EMEA



Carla Poortman

Sr. Innovation Risk Consultant


Media Partners of 2023

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