Amsterdam Fintech Week

SEPTEMBER 18TH – 25TH 2020

About XFW

Home to one of the world’s first modern stock markets, fintech startups have much to like about Amsterdam and its strong connections with the rest of the globe. The Dutch financial industry presents an opportunity of at least $112 billion, the combined market cap of the seven massive finance corporations in the Netherlands part of the Forbes 2000 list. Startups in the Netherlands are taking advantage of this opportunity, excelling especially in payments, digital identity and security.

To draw attention to the active fintech scene in the Dutch capital, Holland FinTech has set up XFW (Amsterdam FinTech Week), taking place each year for a week of program full of fintech focused initiatives!


This year, XFW20 will be gathering all players and companies active in, and connected to, the Dutch fintech scene for a week of events throughout Amsterdam and ONLINE!

The week, taking place from September 18th – 25th, will be a hybrid of physical and online events focused on fintech.

Do you want to become apart of XFW20 by organising your own event? Let us know if you have plans! We’ll be collecting initiatives until 31st August 2020.

If you’d like to find out more about hosting during the week or anything else, please email

this is XFW20

The full agenda will be announced September 1st 2020!

The XFW20 agenda will consist of the very best fintech focused initiative taking place throughout the Dutch capital during the week.

Flash Friday: Staying Ahead of the FinTech News – XFW20 Edition

09:30 – 10:00

Holland FinTech’s Founder & CEO, Don Ginsel, presents Flash Friday – a weekly live show that brings you the latest fintech news and developments!

As today marks the beginning of XFW20, with the official launch taking place later today at 16:00, we’ll be focusing the discussions are the key themes of the week, and of course bringing you the latest fintech news and answering questions from Holland FinTech members!

XFW20 Launch Party

16:00 – 19:00

To celebrate the opening of Amsterdam FinTech Week 2020 (XFW20), and Holland FinTech’s slow return to physical events, XFW20 is kicking off the week with a reception at the Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam on September 18th with key partners that have made the week possible! During the evening, the first digital European FinTech Navigator Don Ginsel will be unveiling.
If you are interested in taking part in the week, please email

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Become a Host

Being a part of XFW20 is undoubtedly the best opportunity to drive the right traffic to your initiative, not only in quantity but also in quality!

Through the Holland FinTech channels (with an accumulated audience of +10k fintech professionals), you can expect accurate, extensive, and aesthetically pleasing promotion in the lead up to, and during, this week.

With our expertise of communicating with and to a network of +600 companies in the fintech value chain, you can expect to gain exposure through our fintech-focused digital channels.

Through the XFW20 umbrella, you will be able to brand your initiative in the right way, and make sure you connect with the relevant stakeholders.

Be included in our online communications around XFW20 to a network of fintech professionals.

Be part of the XFW20 agenda and join the Amsterdam Fintech Week brand to gain exposure.

Have your initiative featured in the marketing materials distributed digitally before and during the fintech week